Stress Testing Your Practice

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In recent blogs I wrote about quantitative easing, the European Union referendum and the impact these were likely to have in global markets.  My predictions did, in fact, come to pass.  Markets do not like uncertainty, and we are living in uncertain times.  I do not think those times have now come to an end.  We are probably looking at even more volatility in the near future, and possibly more long term adjustments.  Assuming I, and many highly qualified economists, am right, I want you to think about the effect this could have on your practice if any of your practice income is derived from money under management.   eu-1049947_1920   (more…)

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Do you have clients who own holiday homes or other properties in Europe?   If so, you have probably advised them that they do not have to worry about the possibly complex provisions of the succession laws of France, Spain, or wherever else these properties may be situated.  The reason for this is a European Union regulation fondly known as Brussels IV.

Holiday home


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