Most of the clients we work on behalf of are successful with a vast experience of meetings with prospective clients. Some are less experienced with ‘cold’ meetings of the type we will arrange for you where initial impressions along with relationship and trust building are crucial. 


As a company, we have worked with hundreds of clients over many years helping them improve various
aspects of their business as well as seeing things first hand with our sister company, Cadde Financial. When it comes to an initial prospect meeting, there are a myriad of different techniques and styles which we have seen can be successful. Some of the most successful tips we would recommend are:


Get your appearance right


Make sure you are well presented, arrive in plenty of time for the meeting, have all necessary paperwork to hand and convey a professional image at all times.


Make a great first impression


First impressions really count, so getting off to the best start to the meeting is crucial. Be friendly, approachable, professional and engaging with positive body language and self confidence.


Explain and listen


Getting this balance right is crucial. You need to be clear, succinct and coherent in everything you say and must also allow the prospect time to explain their situation, goals and aspirations to you so you can tailor your approach to their specific needs.


Start to build a relationship


This is the first time you have met the prospect so you must constantly be seeking to gain their trust and starting to form a relationship. Without these fundamental building blocks, there are unlikely to be business opportunities further down the line.


Be persuasive, but don’t pressure


Pressurising the prospect is rarely a good idea but you should be persuasive and confident in your services and abilities, clearly demonstrating how you can add value.


Be open minded


Always be on the look out for business opportunities and never attend a meeting with a preconceived notion of the prospect’s needs. A ‘glass half full’ approach is likely to produce the best results.


Follow up


Have effective systems in place to follow up with the prospect after your meeting and ensure they are completely clear about the next steps and confident you will do what you have promised.


Use what works for you


There are lot of tips for making a success of this type of meeting and lots of different strategies you could employ. It is
important you find out what things work best for you and do them.


Keep on learning


Use role plays, attend sales training events, ask for client feedback and watch how other advisers conduct prospect meetings. Most importantly of all is to have a real desire to continually review and improve your meeting technique.