Why did you originally choose to become a financial adviser, and why are you still in the profession?


All too often I hear advisers asking those questions of themselves for all the wrong reasons.  You know the type. The negative thinkers you always seem to bump into at seminars.  Their questions are along the lines of “why on earth am I still in this profession?”




My Passion

When I ask myself the questions I feel very positive and immediately know the answer.  I came into this profession because I had a real passion for helping people with their finances, and I still have that passion.  Is this the way you feel too?

When you feel bombarded by all the negativity out there, just remember why you came into the profession in the first place.  Get that passion back!  You will find it not only makes you far happier, but it is also contagious.  Your clients and prospective clients will feel that passion.  They will become passionate too and ready to make the changes they need to make.  Changes which will make both them and you wealthier.


In recent years my passion has particularly been to help people with their pension planning.  Far too many had their pensions invested in dog funds when I first met them.  Far too many had been sold their pensions by advisers who disappeared immediately they received their commissions, so they now had nobody giving them any advice.  This is so wrong!  So my passion is to put it right for as many people as I can.



True Horror Stories

Here are just a couple of stories which will illustrate why I am so passionate about what I do.


My appointment team arranged for me to meet with a really nice couple.  The husband told me it was his 55th birthday and he was planning on retiring in the next few months.  Unlike many people I meet he had prepared for this by making a large pension contribution 12 years ago.  His wife then took over the meeting, showing me a series of pension statements going back 12 years to when her husband put £300,000 into his pension.
Each year’s statement showed the figure of £300,000 and another figure of 0.01%.  They asked me if the 0.01% was the charges for the plan.  Unfortunately it wasn’t – it was the growth.  After charges his pension was still only worth what he put in.  When she heard this the wife said she was going to make a pot of tea.  I could hear her crying in the kitchen.  When she came back she was wearing sunglasses to hide the tears.  This client had to delay his retirement by at least another 5 years as he simply could not afford to retire.  That was not a very happy birthday for him!  At least I was able to get him back on track and earned an up front fee of £9,000 for doing so.


Another appointment my team booked for me was with an accountant who already had an adviser.  The accountant took the view that he was being looked after well by his existing adviser and that there was probably nothing I could do for him, but agreed to the appointment just in case.  He handed me a statement that showed he had a pension fund of just over £101,000 and that he was paying in £120 a month.  It also showed if he kept doing what he was doing he would probably have just over £90,000 in 6 years time and less than £47,000 in 16 years time.  Even though he was an accountant he had never spotted just how much the charges were crucifying his pension investment.  He was very angry with his existing adviser, who was not really his adviser at all as there had been no contact from this adviser for over 4 years.  He was also very happy to pay me £3,000 to get him out of this mess.


These are just a couple of examples.  This happens in our practice time and time again, and we are very happy to step in and help these clients.


Extending My Reach

But many years ago I realized that my practice could only make a small dent in what is a big national scandal.  I wanted to find a way I could get equally passionate advisers in front of the people who really needed this help.  And so Adviser Breakthrough Appointments was born.


Over the past seven years I am proud to say Adviser Breakthrough Appointments has made over 32,000 appointments for financial advisers to meet with prospective clients.  That is 32,000 people who have been given the chance to avoid the kinds of problems I have become so passionate about. For more information click here.


Your Passion

There are a lot more than just those 32,000 people out there who need proper financial advice of course.  If your passion is helping people with their finances then Adviser Breakthrough Appointments can put you in front of those people.  Then you can focus that passion in their direction, make them passionate too, and continue building your practice as a result.


All the best coaches say the way to become wealthy, happy, and satisfied in life is to find your passion and use it as the basis of your work.  This is something I and others in my organization are doing.  And this is something you should do too!


Let me know your passion by commenting below.  Also it would be great if you could post some similar stories to mine, showing how you have helped your own clients as a result of your passion and (if you don’t mind sharing this too) how much that help earned you.