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Budget 2017

Anti-Avoidance   As has been the case in most recent budgets, the 2017 Spring budget included several anti-avoidance measures. Some refer to quite technical schemes which would not normally impact on the advice we give – for example the closure of a loophole that...

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Our Response To Government Consultation

This blog is in response to the Government's consultation regarding pension scams, which can be found here:   The purpose of this response is to contend that a blanket ban on cold...

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The 2016 Autumn Statement and our Clients

  There were no major surprises in this year’s Autumn Statement which are significant for our clients and prospective clients in general.     The various changes in tax that were announced were, as is often the case, simply confirmation of announcements previously...

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Rangers Football Club – Could the Result Affect Us All?

No, I am afraid this is not an article about the results of a football match or the merits of a particular team.  Rather it is about the implications of Court of Session decision on an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) enjoyed by both players and executives of Rangers...

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The 6th Duke of Westminster’s Inheritance Tax Bill

Advising clients on wills and trusts, or at least knowing where to refer them to get the best such advice, is something all financial advisers should consider part of their normal routine.  Done properly, this allows clients to benefit from similar structures to those...

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Stress Testing Your Practice

In recent blogs I wrote about quantitative easing, the European Union referendum and the impact these were likely to have in global markets.  My predictions did, in fact, come to pass.  Markets do not like uncertainty, and we are living in uncertain times.  I do not...

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