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Auto-enrolment Matters

The double entendre is deliberate. There are a lot of matters regarding auto-enrolment that advisers and their corporate clients must consider. And, yes, auto-enrolment is not something we or our clients can ignore – it really matters. It is nearly two years since I...

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The 2015 Autumn Statement and our Clients

Most of the press focus on the 2015 Autumn Statement has been on the accompanying spending review, especially the U-turn on tax credits and police funding. There are, however, a number of announcements that should be of interest to our clients.     Tax Avoidance The...

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Have you ever been paid in Rhubarb?

How much do you believe you are worth to your clients?  Are you worth more than a bunch of rhubarb?     This is a very important question, as there is a direct relationship between how much you think you are worth and how much your clients will be prepared to pay you...

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Business Property Relief Pitfalls

If your clients own shares in a small company, whether this is their own business or perhaps an investment in an AIM listed company, it is important you correctly establish the inheritance tax position.     Some clients may inform you that their holding will attract...

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Reverse Ramsay

If you give your clients any advice at all on tax, even if only to mention tax favourable investments such as pensions and ISAs, I am sure you have come across the “Ramsay Principle”.  This principle requires a court to look at the final effect of a series of steps...

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Cold Calling

Is it legal for a financial adviser practice to cold call in order to find new clients?     This is a question I am frequently asked by advisers wanting to expand their practice. I suspect that many other advisers do not ask the question as they think they already...

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