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Pension Death Benefits Tax Trap

Do you have clients for whom you have set up trusts linked to death benefits from pensions?   Are you aware of recent changes in the law which mean the arrangements you have set up may no longer be appropriate for those clients?   Firstly I should explain that I am...

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Viral Marketing

“Viral Marketing” seems to be the in phrase.  Maybe you have already tried some YouTube viral marketing and given up when you discovered nobody wanted to watch your video because it didn’t feature cats doing silly things.   But viral marketing is by no means...

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Images in Marketing

Do you use images in your online marketing?   If you have a website, then I am sure you have used images there.  But you should also use images in your blog articles on the site.  I assume you do write blog articles?  If not then you really should consider doing so,...

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What is Your Passion?

Why did you originally choose to become a financial adviser, and why are you still in the profession?   All too often I hear advisers asking those questions of themselves for all the wrong reasons.  You know the type. The negative thinkers you always seem to bump into...

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Free E-book – Lasting Powers of Attorney

Why You Need Lasting Powers of Attorney and How to Create Them We are ready to send you this free e-book, with an attached open licence for you to re-publish and distribute as your own if you wish.  Simply change the contact details on page 40 and any prospective...

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Should You Recommend Trusts?

Most advisers are aware of the advantage of putting life assurance in trust.   Just as a quick reminder, the benefits include:   1. The money is likely to be paid out much quicker. The life insurance company only needs to see the death certificate if they are paying...

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