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2015 Summer Budget Breakdown

2015 Summer Budget As you probably expected, there were a lot of changes in the Summer Budget, many of which will affect some or all of your clients. Check the details below, but some of the highlights are:   an increase in the minimum wage employers must pay...

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Tax Free Income Supporting Your Client’s Lifestyle

Tax Free Income Supporting Your Client’s Lifestyle   Continuing the theme of creative tax planning, how might  your clients react if you could show them ways to have  enough tax free income to support their lifestyle legally and  ethically for the rest of their...

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Holiday Homes and Brussels IV

Holiday Homes and Brussels IV Do any of your clients own foreign properties?  Are any of those properties in Europe?  Even if your current clients do not have holiday homes in France, Spain, Italy etc, do you think it likely you will come across clients needing advice...

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Income Strategies for Small Business Owners

Income Strategies for Small Business Owners In this article I outline some of the factors an adviser, whether a financial adviser, an accountant, or a tax planner, should consider when looking at income strategies for a small business owner.  You should note the...

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Creative Tax Planning

In the past, creative tax planning tended to mean finding loopholes in the tax law and exploiting them for your clients.  In many cases that could result in your wealthiest clients paying no tax at all.  Less wealthy clients could not afford many of the more...

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How much do you spend on your marketing?  How much should you be spending?  Or perhaps I should ask how much should you be investing in marketing, as you should always view your marketing budget as an investment rather than a cost.   We have done quite a lot of...

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