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2014 Budget

This year’s budget included a revolutionary change to the way in which pension benefits may be taken. This change has already been widely discussed, and the advantages to clients are very obvious. There are also other potential implications which I find even more...

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Creating Successful Habits

Most people think of habits in a negative way, especially at the beginning of January when they are setting their New Year Resolutions. Smoking, drinking too much, eating too much between meals. These are the bad habits many of us focus on when setting resolutions,...

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The Autumn Statement and our Clients

This year’s autumn statement has been hailed by some commentators as a non-event.  But if you look carefully at the small print there is plenty which is likely to effect some of our clients, especially those in business. Income Tax As had previously been announced,...

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Planning for Retirement

The Channel 4 Dispatches programme looking at how little most people’s pensions are worth was hopefully a wake up call to many of our clients and prospective clients. Certainly it has created a massive opportunity for us to talk to them about their retirement...

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Charging for Advice

There has been a lot of talk in the “pinks” recently about the pros and cons of charging for advice, whether or not that advice results in a sale. Looking at the comments on a recent article on this subject some advisers seem to have very fixed opinions on this...

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