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Matters on the Periphery of Financial Advice

Does your practice provide advice to clients on matters peripheral but clearly linked to financial planning?  For example, such matters as will writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney, tax planning, trust planning, etc.   Or do you concentrate purely on the financial...

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2013 Budget

Personal Matters Next month the personal allowance will increase by £1,335 to £9,440. It will increase to £10,000 next year. The basic rate ceiling is reducing again this year by £2,360 to £32,010 and next year by £145 to £31,865. The £150,000 ceiling for the top rate...

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Autumn Statement 2012 from Advisers’ Perspective

This is not an in depth analysis of the Autumn Statement, but it is intended to highlight some of the areas I believe are of particular importance to advisers and to your clients.   Income Tax   As expected, the personal allowance will be increased again next year,...

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Where can I find new clients?

Where to find clients is a key factor for any business that wants to grow. The best and fastest growing businesses already have many answers to this question, but they keep looking anyway, as this is one of the best ways to thrive even in a recession.    Before you...

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Top Appointment Tips

Most of the clients we work on behalf of are successful with a vast experience of meetings with prospective clients. Some are less experienced with ‘cold’ meetings of the type we will arrange for you where initial impressions along with relationship and trust building...

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